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Taylor Wane in 'Interracial Anal'

Taylor Wane - Interracial Anal

Busty blonde Taylor Wane shows off her big tits while cleaning Lex Steele's house. Lex is looking for some other things though! He whips out his big black cock and things get a little easier to understand for Taylor! She drops down on her knees and power sucks the pole before getting her snatch slammed and her tits covered in ball tar!

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Taylor Wane in 'Mature Taylor Wane fucking in the desk with her glasses'

Taylor Wane - Mature Taylor Wane fucking in the desk with her glasses

Professor Taylor Wane has received word from the dean that some of her students are complaining she's inappropriate during class. In her office after-hours, she talks to her student Alan, who says he did not file any complaints, but admits that she does dress provocatively in class. Being the professional she is, Professor Wane stands up from her desk in a pair of black stockings, whips out her big tits and asks Alan if he has a problem with anything. The quick-learning student says no, and that he wants to earn a good grade in class the hard-cocked way.

Taylor Wane in 'MILF Taylor Wane fucking in the kitchen with her glasses'

Taylor Wane - MILF Taylor Wane fucking in the kitchen with her glasses

Professor Wane is having a party and is asks her party boy student to borrow a beer keg bur when Xander asks to be invited he's told he's not man enough to attend the party and he needs to prove to his professor he's more than a boy with a huge cock.

Jessica Jaymes in 'Naughty Nurses'

Jessica Jaymes - Naughty Nurses

We've got 3 lovely ladies today. These girls are sexy as hell and ready to get wet and play with each others pussies. They busted out some dildos. This thing makes girls scream with no mercy. These girls get so hot and horny, and look so good together. Sexy hot nurses...whats not to love....join Spizoo and cum watch all the fun!!!

Jessica Jaymes in 'Taylor Dominates Jessica'

Jessica Jaymes - Taylor Dominates Jessica

Nothing sexier than when to top porn legends get together to fuck the shit out of each other! Well boys and girls, you are in for a fucking treat. Hot vixen Jessica Jaymes usually loves domming her bitches out. Because of her devious demeanor. But we all know legendary Taylor Wane loves to do the same. Watch Taylor fuck Jessica like a little bitch. Choking on her massive strap on and fucking her tight hole. This scene is fucking hot!

Taylor Wane in 'White Toy'

Taylor Wane - White Toy

When it comes to porn legends, Taylor Wane is the first name that cums to mind! She loves to light up the screen by being the nasty porn slut that she is. Taylor fucks her tight hole with her favorite white toy and gives herself a raging creamy orgasm!

Taylor Wane in 'A Trip Down Mammary Lane'

Taylor Wane - A Trip Down Mammary Lane

All super-hot Taylor wants for Valentine's Day is a great big cock. She's dressed in her slutty red best, but none of her fuck buddies are free. Just when she's whipped out her vibe and readied herself for a night alone, Danny calls and saves the day. Looks like she'll get that V-Day vee-pounding after all!

Taylor Wane in 'Dreaming Taylor'

Taylor Wane - Dreaming Taylor

Ever feel like having your own private session with a porn legend? Well here's a your fantasy beCUM reality! Taylor Wane is dressed like your own private rocker slut when entering you bedroom. She's a thirsty cock hungry whore that wastes no time getting you hard and swallowing every inch of your giant dick. This Euro slut enjoys milking every drop of sperm out of your swollen balls.

Taylor Wane in 'Titty Creampies 4'

Taylor Wane - Titty Creampies 4

Mega-buxom British porn legend Taylor Wane is looking to expand her experiences, so this super-busty redheaded MILF teases the camera with her gigantic, freckled rack before kneeling and wrapping her fat lips around lucky Chad Diamond's dick. The big-haired, glamorous slut bobs her head on his boner, then oils up her amazing knockers so they glisten. She squeezes Chad's shaft between them, stroking his throbbing meat until he splatters a hot load of gooey cum in Taylor's ample cleavage.

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Taylor Wane in 'The Queen Wane'

Taylor Wane - The Queen Wane

You've always had a thirst for pornstar pussy. Tonight you are horny, more than normal. You decide to call a seasoned pro to get you off more than once. Taylor Wane is the perfect treat. You have always loved the way she sucks cock and talks to you in her English accent. She arrives to you with her newly colored red hair and huge glossy dick sucking lips. She quickly gets to work sucking your cock. You are so horny you cum just from her blowjob. But there's much more where that came from. Taylor cleans up her mouth and gets you ready for round 2. She slaps a condom on your cock and takes control fucking you in every position. Taylor loves making a man cum multiple times.

Taylor Wane in 'Tits And Candy'

Taylor Wane - Tits And Candy

Porn legend Taylor Wane decides to get sexy in her bath tub full of candy! So if you have a sweet tooth for Taylor, you will enjoy watching her roll and and fuck herself in her man made candy land! She pounds her pussy so deep with her special pink vibrator, she cums all over her sweet treats!

Taylor Wane in 'Cock And Candy'

Taylor Wane - Cock And Candy

Retro slut Taylor Wane has plenty of candy to suck on. But she is craving something much bigger to satisfy her sweet tooth. Playful Taylor seduces you in to her candy land and takes advantage of you by gobbling up all 9 inches of your lollipop! You willing accept the playful gesture and explode your creamy goo all over her perfect doll like face!

Taylor Wane in 'Taylor Loves DP'

Taylor Wane - Taylor Loves DP

Porn legend Taylor Wane is a hot and trashy little slut that can take just about anything. After talking like a trashy whore, Taylor whips out her gigantic tits and teases you. Then she takes out not one, but two toys for some DP pleasure. Taylor fucks her tight asshole and tiny pussy at the same time. Making herself cum all over her bed sheets!

Taylor Wane in 'Tiffany Taylor Blow You'

Taylor Wane - Tiffany Taylor Blow You

Porstar Tiffany Brookes and porn ICON Taylor Wane are two eager cock hungry sluts ready to take on your giant cock! After talking to you like the dirty little whores they are the fight back and forth eager to jerk, suck and lick your dick and balls. These girls are so hungry, they open wide when you jerk your giant load all over their faces and deep into their trashy throats! Swallow your protein girls!

Taylor Wane in 'Rocks'

Taylor Wane - Rocks

Porstar and legend Taylor Wane is hot and horny,and ready to take you in to her private bedroom. After teasing you with her HUGE tits, this sex kitten massages her tight wet hole ! Giving herself a huge, creamy orgasm!

Jessica Jaymes in 'Jessica Taylor Suck Fest'

Jessica Jaymes - Jessica Taylor Suck Fest

Sexy porn super stars Taylor Wane and Jessica Jaymes love nothing more than taking a nice big cock down their throats. Well the competition is on when these two porn pros fight over your nine inch hunk of man meat. Slobbering , spitting, sucking and ball licking. Letting you blast your hot load all over their pretty faces. Enjoy giving these busty bitches a huge facial pornstar style!

Taylor Wane in 'Fucked in POV'

Taylor Wane - Fucked in POV

Porn superstar Taylor Wane can't wait to be fucked by a huge 9 in. cock! After sucking off every inch of your massive man meat, Taylor takes your giant cock inside her tight wet hole in every positioned. Just when this European super slut can't take it any more, you pull out and cum all over her pink cunt!

Taylor Wane in 'Fantastic Girl'

Taylor Wane - Fantastic Girl

Porstar and legend Taylor Wane is hot and horny, ready to take you on a journey of her entire body. After teasing you with her HUGE tits, this porcelain goddess fingers her tight hole then fucks herself right up the ass! Giving herself a huge, creamy orgasm!

Taylor Wane in 'Tayor Wane POV Facial'

Taylor Wane - Tayor Wane POV Facial

Porn hall of famer Taylor wane is hot and horny and wants nothing more than to devour your giant cock. After seducing you, this porn legend exposes her giant tits and eagerly sucks your giant dick. She milks your balls and receives a nice creamy facial!

Taylor Wane in 'Cup Cake Tits'

Taylor Wane - Cup Cake Tits

Taylor enters a cup cake contest every year only to be beat by that bitch of a cunt Allison. Although Allison has the better cup cakes, Taylor has the better feeding techniques. Like putting the cup cakes between her big juicy tits, and letting the judge Richie eat right off of them.

Jessica Jaymes in 'Taylor Jessica Suck Cock'

Jessica Jaymes - Taylor Jessica Suck Cock

Porn legends Taylor Wane and Jessica Jaymes LOVE and nice big cock! Enjoy watching Taylor and Jessica as they gaze back at you after fighting over your giant member. These two cock hungry sluts swap spit and suck you off, sharing a nice white pop all over their faces!

Taylor Wane in 'and Alan Stafford in My First Sex Teacher'

Taylor Wane - My First Sex Teacher

Professor Taylor Wane has received word from the dean that some of her students are complaining she's inappropriate during class. In her office after-hours, she talks to her student Alan, who says he did not file any complaints, but admits that she does dress provocatively in class. Being the professional she is, Professor Wane stands up from her desk in a pair of black stockings, whips out her big tits and asks Alan if he has a problem with anything. The quick-learning student says no, and that he wants to earn a good grade in class the hard-cocked way.

Taylor Wane in 'Plaster Penis'

Taylor Wane - Plaster Penis

Taylor is a world famous roadie, known for her wild exploits. Overwhelmed by the stardom, she tries to stay out of the spotlight and denies all media interviews. Yet when Johnny goes out to get an interview for a book he is writing, she grants him a rare viewing of her plastered penis collection from famous rock stars. Reliving those wild days gets her so hot and juicy that she decides to add one more penis to the plaster collection.

Jessica Jaymes in 'One More Time'

Jessica Jaymes - One More Time

Porstars Jessica Jaymes , Keni Styles and Taylor Wane decide they want to indulge in a little day time debauchery. So while Taylor and Jessica get the ball rolling, Keni steps in with his giant dick to fuck them both. This threesome leaves the girls breathless after all three of them swap juices and cum all over each other.

Devon Lee in 'Mommy Sandwich'

Devon Lee - Mommy Sandwich

Devon and Taylor are long time friends. Both have daughters around the same age who have recently started dating. Unfortunately, they soon realize that their daughters are dating the same guy, Rocco, and when he comes over to pickup Taylor's daughter, both mothers try to convince Rocco to stay with their respective daughter. This leads to a fight that turns sexual, and Rocco soon finds out what it's like to be sandwiched by two sexy moms.

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Capri Cavalli in 'Head Mistress Goes Rogue'

Capri Cavalli - Head Mistress Goes Rogue

No nonsense; no tolerance for immaturity. Mistress Wane will fuck the shit out of you if that is what needs to be done to put you in line. Freshmen Capri and Juelz are about to learn a lesson they will never forget.

Taylor Wane in 'Merging My Big Tits'

Taylor Wane - Merging My Big Tits

Taylor is about to have a meeting with Ramon in order to present the merging of her company with his. If Taylor doesn't reach the goal her company will be out of business, therefore she has to use her charms to convince Ramon. Knowing his love for big tits, Taylor uses her pair to explain how well they work together and to top it all up, she shows the benefits of pounding her sweet wet pussy.

Taylor Wane in 'The Daily Routine'

Taylor Wane - The Daily Routine

Taylor starts her day with exercises to keep her stomach flat and her ass tight. Then she gives herself the first orgasm of the day in the shower. After applying a skin softening lotion all over her body, she's ready to meet her assistants, who complete her tasks. They bring her a fit young man with a huge cock and she leads him to her bedroom for an hour or two of pleasure.

Taylor Wane in 'Open for Business'

Taylor Wane - Open for Business

Taylor spends most of her days pampering herself, while her husband is always working. Even when he is home he's too tired to satisfy her needs. She is looking for new meat because she has already fucked the pool guy and the gardener. Being a mischievous housewife Taylor sets off the home security system and waits for the security guard upstairs.

Taylor Wane in 'Take off My Pageant Panties'

Taylor Wane - Take off My Pageant Panties

Taylor is helping her daughter practice for an up-coming beauty contest. Tommy, the daughter's boyfriend, comes over with the intention to get laid. He tries to cajole his girlfriend into finally having sex, but Taylor overhears the conversation. She decides to do whatever she can to save her daughter's purity because Taylor was a pageant contestant back in her hay-day and lost due to her salacious ways. This time she will use her salaciousness to help her daughter.

Taylor Wane in 'My Mom Loves To Suck Cock'

Taylor Wane - My Mom Loves To Suck Cock

Because Tyler's mom is such a freak and sexually insane, the natural course of rebellion that leads children to be an opposite to the their parents led Tyler to be a decent good girl who is afraid of cock because her mom loves, afraid to even look at one because her mom just can't get one out of her mouth and afraid to see it because her mom carries one everywhere she goes...

Taylor Wane in 'Cum Bubbles'

Taylor Wane - Cum Bubbles

Its another great rendition of Big Tits Cream Pie. Today we have the stunning Taylor Wane, she is a porn veteran, with huge tits, juicy ass and a sexy fit frame who wouldn't love this woman. Mike can't seem to contain himself around Taylor, squeezing her tits and licking her tight ass, mike makes it a point to stuff her pussy till the cream is leaking out. He almost fucks the english out of her, but this gets very interesting when one creampie isnt enough to fulfill the cravings. Enjoy

Taylor Wane in 'House of Sluts- Chapter 2'

Taylor Wane - House of Sluts- Chapter 2

While Jessica has taken her mystery guy to the basement, Kenny shows up with flowers, looking to apologize. Now Taylor must distract him the only way she knows how, with her big, beautiful boobs. Taylor teaches Kenny that milf are the best fuck around.

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Jessica Lynn in 'House of Sluts- Chapter 1'

Jessica Lynn - House of Sluts- Chapter 1

Jessica is having serious problems with her boyfriend. Her mother tells her to find a random guy to fuck to get over it. Jessica takes her mothers advice and ends up fucking her mother boyfriend in the basement. Jessica gets into the sex quick and enjoys getting pounded.

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