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Selena Castro in 'Amazing Tits'

Selena Castro - Amazing Tits

Oh Mister Jordan! Your medicine bags have arrived! I'm going, ''medicine bags, what?'' But it's that playful Latina, Selena Castro, and I gotta admit: those great big breasts of hers were just what I needed! She and I get right down to the business of pleasure for this 40 minute gonzo scene. This bukkake bimbo likes to be held down and fucked, bent over and fucked - whatever ends in ''and fucked'' works for her!

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Selena Castro in 'She's Sexy And She Knows It!'

Selena Castro - She's Sexy And She Knows It!

Miami is loaded with Cuban-American hotties as well as other Latin-American babes. A generation ago, the average Latin-American girl would have never dared to pose naked in a men's magazine or even past that to sexing on camera. Not if she didn't want to face the volcanic wrath of her furious dad and risk being disowned by her family, not to mention being ruined for marriage. There were exceptions years ago, of course, such as SCORE Girls Angelique and Randy Ravage, Vanessa Del Rio of porn fame and a few others.

Selena Castro in 'and Enzo Lorenzo in Latin Adultery'

Selena Castro - Latin Adultery

Enzo has an important business meeting on Mr. Castro's yacht. However, when he arrives he is greeted by the gorgeous Selena, Mr. Castro's young wife. Miguel is not home, but she insists on having a drink with him. She tells him of how she is a very horny girl, and her husband is never home. As Enzo tries to leave, Selena jumps him and suddenly he is having a different kind of meeting....with her body!

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