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Little Dragon in 'Is An Anal Playground'

Little Dragon - Is An Anal Playground

Hot red head Little Dragon is full of sexual fire. Zac tries to tame this Dragon. He learns the best to tame this dragon. Is to satisfy her ass hole.

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Little Dragon in 'Anal hungry Little Dragon rides Jasons BBC'

Little Dragon - Anal hungry Little Dragon rides Jasons BBC

Her date has no idea that tonight is the night, but Little Dragon can't wait any longer. If that means letting it happen in a movie theatre, this daredevil will throw caution to the wind and climb in his lap. Little Dragon likes her action extreme, and tonight she wants it in the ass.

Vanna Bardot in 'Influence: Vanna Bardot - Part 2'

Vanna Bardot - Influence: Vanna Bardot - Part 2

Following a hot tip, Vanna makes a bad bet and gets herself involved in a criminal triad. With Little Dragon directing the operation, being bad never looked so good. Part 2 of 5. Stay looped in with Part 3 on TUSHY.

Valentina Nappi in 'Tart'

Valentina Nappi - Tart

An elegant picnic between new friends turns decadent when they both show up in lingerie and feed into each other's desires.

Vanna Bardot in 'Eating in the Middle'

Vanna Bardot - Eating in the Middle

Vanna and Little Dragon have so much in common... like the woman they're mutually seeing. When they discover their shared lover has been cheating, they decide to get better acquainted.

Little Dragon in 'Deepest Dive'

Little Dragon - Deepest Dive

Adrenaline junkie Little Dragon needs to hit those extremes to get her rocks off. This time, she's skipping the skydiving and working on getting double penetrated.

Little Dragon in 'Tight Squeeze'

Little Dragon - Tight Squeeze

Flirtatious and flashing, Little Dragon is a total thrill-seeker. So if she's willing to bare it all in the streets, what extremes will she go to behind closed doors?

Little Dragon in 'Drift EP 3'

Little Dragon - Drift EP 3

Little Dragon reminds Maitland of her former self: a young redhead feigning modesty while all the signs of a much richer life are hiding in plain sight. Scaring her into not losing any more time, Maitland creates a new game. She raises the stakes so that this younger woman is either forced to lie and forgo a life-changing sum of cash or admit something about herself in order to keep the riches. Part 3 of 5

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Freya Parker in 'Nexting'

Freya Parker - Nexting

Freya can't just ghost the guy blowing up her phone, so her roommate Little Dragon comes up with a salacious way to help him take the hint.

Little Dragon in 'Arresting'

Little Dragon - Arresting

Little Dragon is game for all kinds of extreme activities: snowboarding, skydiving… maybe even roadhead at 100 MPH. But if she gets caught, will she be up to the challenge of talking her way out of trouble?

Little Dragon in 'Velocity'

Little Dragon - Velocity

After jumping out of a plane, is there anywhere to go but down? Or can action junkie Little Dragon find a new extreme she hasn't tried?

Little Dragon in 'Adrenaline'

Little Dragon - Adrenaline

Thrill-seeking Little Dragon is always looking for another adventure. This time, she has taken to the high seas as a cruise ship fitness instructor so she can seek out exciting new action. By accident, she catches a passenger sunbathing in the nude, and decides riding any man so equipped will constitute an extreme sport.

Little Dragon in 'Extremities'

Little Dragon - Extremities

Adrenaline chaser Little Dragon likes her sports extreme and her sex wild. If that means sneaking in a tryst with a man who is spoken for behind another woman's back, this action addict is up for the challenge.

Jia Lissa in 'Jia Showcase'

Jia Lissa - Jia Showcase

We catch up with Jia a year later living a swinger's life on the azure coasts of Greece. Now in a relationship with the statuesque Little Dragon, Jia starts to get familiar feelings of stagnation. Knowing her part in their relationship has run its course, Jia seeks one last shared experience with Little Dragon in the arms of a wandering photographer.

Little Dragon in 'Trade Off'

Little Dragon - Trade Off

Little Dragon lives fast and likes men who drive hard. This redhead would love to give a guy a good look under her hood. But who will be man enough to take this spinner for a spin?

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