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Danielle Derek in 'POV Facial Blast'

Danielle Derek - POV Facial Blast

Danielle Derek POV Facial Blast. Big fat fucking tits. Probably the first thing you'd notice about Danielle Derek and the second might be her "I'm a dirty whore" persona. From THE LOST TAPES 2 here's DD (in more ways than one) in a POV segment sure to rock your world. Seems the only time Danielle is really happy is when there's a dick in her ass. Very happy here.

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Danielle Derek in 'Diary of a Milf'

Danielle Derek - Diary of a Milf

Danielle Derek can't quite forget about her adventures backpacking across Europe, but after 10 years of marriage those memories are starting to fade. That is until she runs into the Englishman, Ben, who liberated her sexually. This reunion was like having all her fantasies fulfilled at once!

Danielle Derek in 'fucking in the bedroom with her tits'

Danielle Derek - fucking in the bedroom with her tits

Danielle Derek has never felt as open with anyone as she does with her latest fling Ben, so Ben sees that as the perfect opportunity to bring her a surprise, his friend Anthony. If she thinks she's open with one guy, what will she be able to do with two?

Danielle Derek in 'Blonde Danielle Derek fucking in the couch with her tits'

Danielle Derek - Blonde Danielle Derek fucking in the couch with her tits

We know you like it when an older woman takes control. Well then, gentlemen, today's your lucky day. Sit back and relax as Danielle Derek, a sexy mature woman with ginormous tits, rides a cock like only a real woman can. Find out here what a real woman's pussy tastes like and see how a cock is supposed to be sucked.

Danielle Derek in 'fucking in the classroom with her glasses'

Danielle Derek - fucking in the classroom with her glasses

Trent has dreams of a career in the medical field but is failing miserably in Anatomy 101. Professor Danielle Derek knows he has potential so she is going to do everything she can, starting with a private lesson on the Reproductive System!

Danielle Derek in 'Wife Danielle Derek fucking in the living room with her tits'

Danielle Derek - Wife Danielle Derek fucking in the living room with her tits

If anything pisses a man off, it's when his wife "misplaces" her wedding ring - 2 fucking carats no less! Danielle Derek is no exception and all she is worried about is not having a big rock to show off at the Shore. She ought to be taking it up the ass for this!

Danielle Derek in 'Danielle Derek's boss uses her big tits and every single hole on her to relieve stress'

Danielle Derek - Danielle Derek's boss uses her big tits and every single hole on her to relieve stress

Danielle Derek's boss is stressed out. He's got meetings after meetings, not to mention lunch with his wife! To help out, Danielle lets the boss fill up all her holes and titty fuck her as long as he wants until he's ready to cum anywhere he wishes!

Danielle Derek in 'Writer's Cock Block'

Danielle Derek - Writer's Cock Block

Danielle Derek is facing some serious writer's block as she tries to finish the manuscript for her erotic novel. Frustrated, Danielle decides to pull out her handy vibrator for a little inspiration. As she gets lost in the moment rubbing her pussy, Danielle is rudely interrupted by loud music coming from the neighbor Tyler Nixon's yard. Danielle goes to give him a piece of her mind and decides he owes her a little satisfaction…

Danielle Derek in '- Glory Hole'

Danielle Derek - Glory Hole

Danielle Derek is a professional sex worker, and like all workers in general, she's out looking for a gig! Turns out there's a local adult bookstore that bills itself as a 'superstore', meaning there's the front of the store, which features DVD's, sex toys, lingerie and lubes; a little further back, there's a stripper pole and stage; deeper yet there's windowed booths where ladies perform pussy tease shows behind a window; and yes...all the way back, in the 'bowels' of the store sits a video arcade. Danielle will do it all! The clerk wants to make sure Danielle's a customer 'pleaser', so he's going to give her the ultimate 'job interview': walk her back to booth #5 in the video arcade! If Danielle can please a customer back there, without ever really knowing who that customer is, well...Danielle's hired! And guess what? She passes the job interview with flying colors! Just watch and see!!

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Danielle Derek in 'Anal Fuckdoll'

Danielle Derek - Anal Fuckdoll

Danielle Derek is every boy's dream of what a glamour fuck doll would look like. Huge round tits, skinny waist, and a big fuckable ass. She's built for sex and knows exactly how to make a man cum. Ryan puts every hole to use as he gets to work on this impressive MILF. With tits so big that even his massive cock disappears as he slides between them, she sucks him off before taking that dick up her ass, letting him blow a load in her hungry cunt.

Danielle Derek in '- Watching My Mom Go Black'

Danielle Derek - Watching My Mom Go Black

Danielle Derek has an interesting relationship with her step-son: she keeps him in his very-wealthy father's good graces, and he doesn't tell dad when step-mom's been naughty. It's an excellent relationship, actually...and it started not too long after Danielle married and moved-in to the house. First, it was walking around the house in robe and panties. Then, just panties. Then, keeping bathroom doors opened while she showered. Then, letting step-son peek in as she dressed. The first time he caught step-mom with another man, the deal was consummated. Now, Danielle's step-son goes out of his way to bring his friends home to meet 'my crazy step-mom'! Today's extra-special, as Danielle has never been with a black man before (let alone two), and step-son knew Danielle would get very excited when she met Rob and Ricky. Danielle seduced the young men, which was very easy...first, by giving them a peep show; and then, simply inviting the men into her dressing room. As step-son sat and beat his meat, Rob and Ricky ran a train on step-mom, ending with a hot, creamy load deep in her pussy. Then a sticky shot all over her face and boobs. Don't forget step-son's reward!

Danielle Derek in 'Room Serviced'

Danielle Derek - Room Serviced

While Danielle is away on business, she never leaves home without her favorite sex toy. Who can blame her for wanting to mix business and pleasure? So after a long day's work, she settles into her hotel room for a little self-care. Then the hotel masseuse, Keiran, interrupts her fantasy by reminding her of the complimentary massage she signed up for. Danielle reluctantly agrees, but there's only one thing on her mind. It isn't until Keiran mistakes her sex toy for an electronic massager that she really starts to lose it. She can barely control herself, so decides that Keiran would be best put to work giving her that deep dicking she's been dreaming of. Danielle doesn't stop until he's balls deep in her ass, before taking his creamy load all over her face. Talk about room service!

Danielle Derek in 'Soccer Mommy'

Danielle Derek - Soccer Mommy

Busty mommy Danielle Derek is a real cock lover, she just won't miss any oportunity to get a big fat cock in her pussy so when she was waiting for her son's soccer practice to be over she decided to kill time by riding some random guy's cock!! This lucky dude gave Danielle a REAL hard pounding and put a thick load all over her face and boobs and she fucking loved it!!! I'm sure you will love it too!

Danielle Derek in 'The Bigger They Are...'

Danielle Derek - The Bigger They Are...

This big titty freak is so cock hungry, it'll take an all you can eat dick buffet to satisfy her craving! So we sent in our boy to fill her well as the space between those juggernaut breasts! She slobbers all over his dick and takes her pussy pounding like a good girl...Bon apetit!

Danielle Derek in 'A star in the making!'

Danielle Derek - A star in the making!

Allison wants to get into the porn industry, one problem though...she doesn't know how to fuck! Allison can only boast about fucking three guys in high school and we all know going from high school straight to the majors is not easy!She called on sex pro to the stars Danielle Derek and she taught her everything from the blowjob to the facial. Allison was completely transformed. Can you new starlet!

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