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Dakota Tyler in 'Teen Meat Dakota Tyler Shows Of Her Luscious Natural Body'

Dakota Tyler - Teen Meat Dakota Tyler Shows Of Her Luscious Natural Body

Cute little teen Dakota Tyler will make you drool. This teen is on her way to being a porn slut superstar.

Dakota Tyler in 'Young Dakota Tyler Gets A Lesson In Big Cock'

Dakota Tyler - Young Dakota Tyler Gets A Lesson In Big Cock

19 year old teen Slut Puppy Dakota Tyler make her debut on She looks and acts sweet and innocent. Behind that innocents there is a sexual demon inside of her.

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Pristine Edge in 'GymnastyXXX Tutor 3some'

Pristine Edge - GymnastyXXX Tutor 3some

Multi-talented dance & gymnastics teacher Pristine has invited college student & dance hopeful Dakota to her studio to practice for an upcoming tryout. Pristine is usually a consummate professional but is completely turned on by innocent Dakota as she stretches & trains her. Scott, the studio janitor spies on them & when Pristine leaves for a moment – he takes the opportunity to make his presence known in the most inappropriate of ways! Pristine & Scott sneakily make moves on an overwhelmed Dakota until they all cum together for a hot threesome!

Dakota Tyler in '- Blacks On Blondes'

Dakota Tyler - Blacks On Blondes

Dakota wants more out of life than just following in her parents footsteps and being a corporate lawyer. Sure she lives the good life in West LA but she wants a wild life. She's young. She needs excitement. She craves so much from life. She wants cock and lots of it. Big fat thick veined and swollen sweet and salty cocks. And like every young girl in America she wants to do porn. Fuck her parents. Fuck repercussions. She will not be held back. So when she finds herself alone in the house with the contractor who has been working for her daddy she asks him if she has what it takes. He is shocked but being a man who does not turn down a free lunch he is more than happy to stuff her tiny teen hole with his massive mandingo party maker. Only thing tighter than her little mouth is her tight and wet fuck hole. He pushes his way through finding new pussy as he goes deep into her womb. Impaled like a chicken on a stake she is writhing in ecstacy. Damn these big black dicks are bigger when they are in your snapper than the internet. Creeming and dreaming little Dakota has a wonderful afternoon of debauchery as she fucks the hired help all over her family's sofa. Aahh teens. How sweet.

Dakota Tyler in 'GirlCum 101 - 9 Orgasms'

Dakota Tyler - GirlCum 101 - 9 Orgasms

Dakota learns about GirlCum 101 in class. She gets fucked until she has massive, body shaking orgasms.

Dakota Tyler in 'Take My Virginity'

Dakota Tyler - Take My Virginity

Dakota wants you to take her virginity.

Dakota Tyler in 'Wet and Creamy'

Dakota Tyler - Wet and Creamy

Dakota gets wet and creamy tease in the bath before getting fucked and facialed.

Dakota Tyler in 'Stepsis Finds Sextape'

Dakota Tyler - Stepsis Finds Sextape

Stepsis gets caught masturbating to her stepbrother's sextape .

Dakota Tyler in 'Tiny Temptation'

Dakota Tyler - Tiny Temptation

Dakota gives a sexy, playful tease before getting fucked and facialed.

Dakota Tyler in 'Her First Time'

Dakota Tyler - Her First Time

Dakota wants her first time having sex to be with some experienced.

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Dakota Tyler in 'Cue Ball Creampies'

Dakota Tyler - Cue Ball Creampies

Dakota gets fucked and repeatedly creampied on the pool table.

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