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Candace Cage in 'Beach Patrol 1'

Candace Cage - Beach Patrol 1

This has got to be one of the cutest little hotties I've ever fucked in my life. Candace Cage shows up in a tiny bikini and flirts her way to my cock in this 31 minute gonzo scene. When it comes to sex, she's perfect in every way. I'm more than happy to eat her pussy before I fuck it. This little sweetheart can take anything, but I just show her a damn good time and then glaze her pretty face in my ball sauce!

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Amy in 'The BangBros Show'

Amy - The BangBros Show

On todays episode of Fuck Team we flip things up a bit with a little ditty called "The BangBros Show". It's where we setup one of our guys with four young hopefuls to see if one of them could win his cock, er ah I mean, affection! And all this is happening while the other girls wait on a bus and witness what each does to try to get that via video. Today's four young sluts, ah, I mean, hopefuls are Kalee (21), Adalyn (19), Eve (24), and Candace (19). They all super hot, real, natural beauties, who give it their all, of which only one can win the heart of heart throb. It's insane what you'll see. Check it out.

Candace Cage in 'Hardcore'

Candace Cage - Hardcore

Brunette hottie Candace Cage going crazy like a bitch when theres a rocked cock to fuck

Candace Cage in 'You Steal My Clothes, I Steal Your Cock'

Candace Cage - You Steal My Clothes, I Steal Your Cock

Candace has had enough of her sister stealing her clothes. The shit really hits the fan when Candace discovers that her sister's boyfriend came all over her expensive new tank top. Pissed off at her sister, Candace decides that a little payback is in order. If her sister insists on stealing her clothes, then Candace will just have to steal her boyfriend.

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