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Kylie Rocket in 'Meets Anton Harden's Gigantic BBC'

Kylie Rocket - Meets Anton Harden's Gigantic BBC

Kylie takes off her clothes slowly, teasing Anton as she does so. Anton undresses himself, revealing his impressive monster BBC. Both are visibly excited about what's to come. Kylie kneels down before Anton, taking him into her mouth. She expertly uses her tongue and lips to please him, while Anton moans in delight. Her skillful techniques make Anton even more aroused. With their bodies entwined, Kylie and Anton reach a powerful climax together. Their passionate union leaves them both satisfied

Kayla East in 'Big Booty Queen Kayla East Dominates A BBC'

Kayla East - Big Booty Queen Kayla East Dominates A BBC

Kayla East arrives at Jules' house, and Kayla East immediately notices Anton Harden a his impressive physique and big black cock. They exchange flirtatious banter as Jules introduces them. The sexual tension between Kayla East and Anton Harden grows stronger. Kayla East and Anton Harden move into the bedroom, where their chemistry reaches its peak. Kayla East teases Anton Harden with her body, while Anton Harden showcases his massive erection. Kayla East and Anton Harden engage in intense, passionate sex, focusing on Kayla East's bottom and Anton Harden's big black cock. Their connection is undeniable, and both experience powerful orgasms.

Yumi Sin in 'Hot Asian Yumi Sin Loves BBC'

Yumi Sin - Hot Asian Yumi Sin Loves BBC

Yumi Sin is a natural born asian slut. She handles Anton's BBC with tremendous ease. This petite asian doll makes sure this BBC has a very happy ending.

Xxlayna Marie in 'Likes Her BBC's Super Sized!'

Xxlayna Marie - Likes Her BBC's Super Sized!

Xxlayna Marie devours a super sized BBC.

Skyler Storm in 'Skyler Storm's Big Black Cock Fantasy Comes True'

Skyler Storm - Skyler Storm's Big Black Cock Fantasy Comes True

All natural beauty Skyler Storm has Big Black Cock Fantasies. Her BBC fantasy comes true when she finds Anton Harden in her living room. She waste no time and devours his BBC

Hayley Davies in 'Exotic Aussie Hayley Davies Has An Encounter With A BBC'

Hayley Davies - Exotic Aussie Hayley Davies Has An Encounter With A BBC

Busty Australian super slut Hayley Davies shows off her sensational curves. This Aussie beauty has an encounter with a very large BBC. She handles the monster BBC with ease. Hayley Davies makes sure this BBC has a very happy ending.

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Riley Star in 'Tiny Cutie Riley Gets Dicked Down By BBC'

Riley Star - Tiny Cutie Riley Gets Dicked Down By BBC

Trespassing, public indecency: tonight, Riley is breaking all kinds of rules. When this blonde pool hopper attempts a break and enter, even the police want to stop and watch.

Lumi Ray in 'Jilted Hottie Lumi Gets Sweet BBC Revenge'

Lumi Ray - Jilted Hottie Lumi Gets Sweet BBC Revenge

Lumi has a sexy date planned for her boyfriend, but when the candles are lit the deadbeat bails. This redhead isn't going to let a sexy outfit go to waste... or her desire for revenge.

Chloe Amour in 'Insatiable Chloe Ditches BF For A Night Of BBC'

Chloe Amour - Insatiable Chloe Ditches BF For A Night Of BBC

Chloe can't come out tonight, she's not feeling well. Okay, that's not exactly true: she's all dressed up to go out, but that's because the only cure for what her throat needs is in another guy's neighborhood.

Bunny Madison in 'Fit Hot Soccer Mom Rides Young Coachs Thick BBC'

Bunny Madison - Fit Hot Soccer Mom Rides Young Coachs Thick BBC

These days, Bunny is a soccer mom, but she and the coach go way back. This might be his chance to finally score with his crush, but he'll have to leave it all on the field.

Hazel Moore in 'Baddie BFFs Hazel and Katrina Tag Team His BBC'

Hazel Moore - Baddie BFFs Hazel and Katrina Tag Team His BBC

Baddie BFFs Hazel and Katrina Tag Team His BBC

Raina Rae in 'Thirsty Cutie Raina Is On The Prowl For BBC'

Raina Rae - Thirsty Cutie Raina Is On The Prowl For BBC

Raina acquired some cute tanlines by the pool, and she wants to make the most of them by showing them off. That will mean finding a guy worth bringing back to her room. But that shouldn't be a problem for a woman with Raina's wiles.

Eliza Ibarra in 'Her Patience'

Eliza Ibarra - Her Patience

A young mistress is willing to indulge a submissive man's foot fetish, but like everything else, worshipping her happens on her terms, in her time.

Charli Phoenix in 'Sexy MILF Models Charli And Rachael Share Fans BBC'

Charli Phoenix - Sexy MILF Models Charli And Rachael Share Fans BBC

When blonde models Charli and Rachael recreate their most famous photo spread, an onset fan gets to live out his wettest dream.

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Valentina Nappi in 'Curvy goddess Valentina rides BBC all night long'

Valentina Nappi - Curvy goddess Valentina rides BBC all night long

Valentina is dazzled at seeing a recording studio... or maybe it's just the way the producer holds the microphone. In any case, this songbird finds better uses for her mouth in the vocal booth.

Angelina Moon in 'Milfy Centerfold Angelina Drains Eager Fans BBC'

Angelina Moon - Milfy Centerfold Angelina Drains Eager Fans BBC

When a sanitation surveyor stops at the right house, his blood runs cold... Angelina was a centerfold, and now fantasy is getting up close and personal with reality.

Amber Moore in 'Hungry Blonde gets a super sized BBC treat'

Amber Moore - Hungry Blonde gets a super sized BBC treat

Bailed on in the big city, Amber has a hotel room all to herself and only one person she wants to call over. A doe-eyed blonde in a little black dress is hard for any man to refuse...

London Laurent in 'Staked wifey is excited for her first BBC'

London Laurent - Staked wifey is excited for her first BBC

London is excited, nervous and ready for her first time with a black guy. After reaching her destination, she can hardly wait to get her hands on Anton - not only will this be her first time - it will be one she will never forget.

Lucy Doll in 'Sweet Blonde Lucy gets the best BBC creampie'

Lucy Doll - Sweet Blonde Lucy gets the best BBC creampie

Lucy is ready and waiting, in black lingerie and trench coat. And the longer she is kept waiting, the more likely this little firecracker is to explode.

Queenie Sateen in '17 Days'

Queenie Sateen - 17 Days

A touch-starved woman undergoes a trial by deprivation for a chance at the man she's been craving.

Kendra Sunderland in 'Bombshell Kendra rides every inch of Antons BBC'

Kendra Sunderland - Bombshell Kendra rides every inch of Antons BBC

Kendra returns to turn heads all over L.A. in a red dress. But as soon as she catches Anton's attention, that dress can't hold her in.

Hazel Moore in 'Hungry Hottie Has An Appetite For Her Bosss BBC'

Hazel Moore - Hungry Hottie Has An Appetite For Her Bosss BBC

The sexual tension is simmering between Hazel and her co-worker, but he's married. If this brunette businesswoman's research proves correct, she won't have to spend the whole day working.

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Lexi Stone in 'BBC Obsessed Model Fulfills Fanboys Fantasy'

Lexi Stone - BBC Obsessed Model Fulfills Fanboys Fantasy

During a photoshoot, a men's magazine model gets thirsty for a star struck assistant, and her cocky attitude keeps him aiming to impress.

Rara Knupps in 'Gorgeous Blonde craves BBC all night'

Rara Knupps - Gorgeous Blonde craves BBC all night

Rara expected a rager, but this party turned out to be a dud. She's hoping a guy with potential talks to her, because if he does she'll help him make a ruckus.

Delilah Day in 'BBC-hungry beauty flashes her neighbor'

Delilah Day - BBC-hungry beauty flashes her neighbor

Delilah has a new neighbor, Anton, who has recently moved in. He has been flirting with her outrageously. He sees an opportunity to follow up on his flirtations with Delilah - little does she know just how far this fantasy is going to play out.

Lexi Lore in 'Pussyfooting'

Lexi Lore - Pussyfooting

A furtive waiting room flirtation brings out a business woman's commodity fetishism to the surface.

Jade Valentine in 'Tight and tiny bombshell ditches BF for BBC'

Jade Valentine - Tight and tiny bombshell ditches BF for BBC

Jade spins an excuse and cancels plans with her boyfriend, but if he could see her hemline he would know she's stepping out and kneeling down.

Kenzie Love in 'New City. New Man.'

Kenzie Love - New City. New Man.

New City. New Man.

Josie Tucker in 'Big Plans'

Josie Tucker - Big Plans

Josie is courting fame in L.A., and tonight she's getting up close with a celebrity in the flesh. He might not be the most famous star, but he's definitely among the biggest.

Cory Chase in 'Super Hot Therapist Fucks Young Couple'

Cory Chase - Super Hot Therapist Fucks Young Couple

A couples' therapy session takes an unbelievable turn when Cory discovers Amber's mommy complex runs much deeper than she's been letting on to her boyfriend.

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Charlie Forde in 'Rough and Ready'

Charlie Forde - Rough and Ready

It's been a long time since Charlie's last hotwife escapade, and now that she's at the hotel she has butterflies. They say blondes have more fun, and this one can't get enough excitement.

Octavia Red in 'Best Revenge'

Octavia Red - Best Revenge

Octavia is after having some serious fun - and she has the perfect thing to take her mind off her love life issues.

Brandi Love in 'Swinger Anniversary'

Brandi Love - Swinger Anniversary

After being stood up by her husband, Brandi is given a very welcome make-up gift.

Kianna Dior in 'Rich Housewife Loves To Ride BBC'

Kianna Dior - Rich Housewife Loves To Ride BBC

A demanding woman micromanages a service professional with an outsized attitude. Some guys will do anything if you dangle the right incentive, and Kianna has just the melons to sate Anton's hunger.

Gaby Ortega in 'Close The Deal'

Gaby Ortega - Close The Deal

Gaby's ready for a night on the town, but her boss has other ideas. Some quick thinking on her part might help her mix business and pleasure.

Dani Diaz in 'Over It'

Dani Diaz - Over It

Dani is single again, and opening herself up to bigger things. She was supposed to going out with her friends tonight, but one of those bigger things happened to hit her up.

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Molly Little in 'Magic Hour'

Molly Little - Magic Hour

Ignore your girlfriend at your own peril: Molly is pretty and sweet, and if her boyfriend can't make time for her she'll be pretty sweet to someone else instead.

Numi Zarah in 'High Profile'

Numi Zarah - High Profile

Numi is excited to meet her first celebrity client... so excited, in fact, that she forgot the bottom half of her skirt. Her client doesn't seem to mind, and this masseuse isn't afraid to get her hands dirty.

Summer Col in 'Hot Summer'

Summer Col - Hot Summer

Petite and packed into a tight red dress, Summer's not going upstairs with her date just to watch a movie. This year, Summer's coming early.

Braylin Bailey in 'The Right Way'

Braylin Bailey - The Right Way

Braylin can be a brat, but when she gets on her man's bad side she has wiles to manipulate her way out of trouble.

Avery Cristy in 'The View Ep 4'

Avery Cristy - The View Ep 4

Back on her feet and ready for action, Avery finds herself confronted by a neighbor who is on to her voyeuristic activities.

Holly Day in 'Swing By'

Holly Day - Swing By

Blue eyed and alone in the big city, Holly is hurting for some company. It won't take long for her to find someone who will show her around, but all she'll want to see with him is the inside of a bedroom.

Maddy May in 'See You Later'

Maddy May - See You Later

Is your girlfriend really out with her friends? Maddy makes up lies so easily, your girl might be doing the same. Would she look as good as Maddy does doing it?

Kira Perez in 'New Day, New Man'

Kira Perez - New Day, New Man

Kira's stepping out every night, but she always comes back home to boyfriend. If he falls asleep early, she just might bring someone home with her...

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Caitlin Bell in 'Ride Home'

Caitlin Bell - Ride Home

If Caitlin likes your car, she might let you give her a ride. If Caitlin likes what's in the driver's seat, then the ride's on her.

Chloe Rose in 'Play All Night'

Chloe Rose - Play All Night

Play All Night

Keisha Grey in 'Give It All'

Keisha Grey - Give It All

Keisha's new collab produces results inside and outside of the vocal booth.

Kazumi in 'Kazumi's Place'

Kazumi - Kazumi's Place

11/18/22 - Kazumi

Braylin Bailey in 'Bigger and Better'

Braylin Bailey - Bigger and Better

Braylin's boyfriend is giving her the runaround, and when she catches him hooking up with someone else, his roommate is on hand to help this blonde with some penetrating payback.

Vanna Bardot in 'Security'

Vanna Bardot - Security

Some men can't handle powerful women, but others know how to keep up. Vanna understands this perfectly and puts an unlikely candidate under pressure.

Cecilia Lion in 'Lioness'

Cecilia Lion - Lioness

Cecilia's not feeling the vibe on the beach: she wants something more exciting she can really sink her teeth into.

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Lexi Lore in 'High Score'

Lexi Lore - High Score

Lexi's a blogger with the perfect onscreen relationship... but it's all for show. IRL Lexi gets her kicks with another man.

Eve Sweet in 'Scorned Part 2'

Eve Sweet - Scorned Part 2

How does a couple move past mutual infidelity? In Eve's case, with communication, sexy lingerie, and a hall pass for a hotwife.

Kenna James in 'Video Secrets Part 4'

Kenna James - Video Secrets Part 4

After finding Lily, Avery zeroes in on Kenna next. She schedules an appointment at the salon where Kenna works and slowly opens up about the real reason she's there. Kenna's solution is to rebalance it.

Carlita Ray in 'Stiffed'

Carlita Ray - Stiffed

Whenever Carlita is ready to rock, her boyfriend stands her up. This time promises aren't good enough: three strikes and she's out with someone else.

Summer Jones in 'Sweltering Summer'

Summer Jones - Sweltering Summer

Summer might look innocent but she's no angel. Sometimes the mostinnocent-looking girls have the darkest secrets...

Vicki Chase in 'Mouth of Babes Part 1'

Vicki Chase - Mouth of Babes Part 1

An infamous ward at a mental institution plays her biggest game yet in cell block D.

Mia Kay in 'Ferocious'

Mia Kay - Ferocious

Bootylicious Mia is staying at a hotel and linking up with the newest guy on her radar. She's not sure they're going to fuck, but... wait, have you seen his dick? Who is she kidding?

Britt Blair in 'Just Like That'

Britt Blair - Just Like That

Blonde, bootylicious Britt is staying at a hotel and linking up with the newest guy on her radar. She's not sure they're going to fuck, but... wait, have you seen his dick? Who is she kidding?

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Kay Lovely in 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'

Kay Lovely - Don't Ask, Don't Tell

Tight-blonde Kay has an ever tighter conundrum: should she fuck her sister's boyfriend if they're in an open relationship? She knows that she can...

Valerica Steele in 'Wilding'

Valerica Steele - Wilding

Valerica doesn't wear bootylicious hotpants for just anyone. This troublemaker has a date tonight, and she's showing him her naughty side.

Mina Luxx in 'Streaming and Creaming'

Mina Luxx - Streaming and Creaming

If Mina's going to keep making a killing on her stream, she can't let her fans know she's getting it on the regular. But Mina can't resist her boyfriend's cock, and what her subs don't know won't hurt them.

Xxlayna Marie in 'Phone A Friend'

Xxlayna Marie - Phone A Friend

Xxlayna needs to play her cards right on this date, and her friend who set her up knows all the right moves that will get her dicked down as she deserves.

Bailey Brooke in 'Undivided Attention'

Bailey Brooke - Undivided Attention

Bailey needs to put down the dick pics and focus if she's going to make it through this semester. Her TA is willing to help with a study routine: twenty-five minutes of cramming, thirty minutes of pounding.

Mazy Myers in 'Scarlet Fever'

Mazy Myers - Scarlet Fever

Mazy's a bad girlfriend, but she's a great liar and an even better lover. What her boyfriend doesn't know won't hurt him, and it will definitely do her some good.

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Alecia Fox in 'Victorious'

Alecia Fox - Victorious

Alecia has an obsession, and she'll stop at nothing to get what she wants tonight. When this blonde senses competition, she takes out the claws and turns up the heat.

Maitland Ward in 'Drift EP 1'

Maitland Ward - Drift EP 1

America's Sweetheart is a master actress in the role of her public persona and is completely untethered when it's safe to let the mask dropdown. Part 1 of 5

Anya Olsen in 'First Cut'

Anya Olsen - First Cut

Madison is in for a treat: a special sneak preview of Anya's new movie. She wasn't expecting it to be so erotic... or to like it so much, and want to live the fantasy for herself.

Madison Summers in 'Finishing Touch 2'

Madison Summers - Finishing Touch 2

When Madison signs off on a deal, she has a celebratory ritual: fucking in her client's house. This time, the ink might not dry before she tears her dress off.

Jazlyn Ray in 'Get Some'

Jazlyn Ray - Get Some

One glimpse of Jazlyn and Lily in their tight, tiny outfits and you can tell they're hurting to hook up at this party. If nobody will bite, they'll just have to make out with each other, and then maybe they'll attract someone who can make this night worth their while.

Lilly Bell in 'Video Secrets Part 2'

Lilly Bell - Video Secrets Part 2

In a complicated mix of arousal and rage, Avery steals Seth's phone with the aim of tracking down the mysterious woman from the film reel. Part 2 of 4.

Haley Spades in 'Anticipation'

Haley Spades - Anticipation

Fun-sized blonde Haley has a boyfriend, but her parents are out of town and her neighbour Anton is packing. This might be her only opportunity to take on a big dick, so she's shooting her shot. YOLO!

Kimmy Kimm in 'Closing Time'

Kimmy Kimm - Closing Time

The night is winding down, and Kimmy is all dressed up with no place left to go. Why waste a smashing dress when a fuck friend is at her fingertips?

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Kylie Rocket in 'Crushin 3'

Kylie Rocket - Crushin 3

Kylie has an obsession, and now it has outsized her desire to keep her job. Only addictive behaviour could be so dangerous, but it's her boss's fault for leaving her alone with her biggest vice.

Aria Lee in 'Spiritual Guide'

Aria Lee - Spiritual Guide

Millennial new ager Aria has given it all up - wealth, privilege, avocado toast - to travel the world and live the bohemian life. Her bank account isn't what it used to be, but her spirit is rich, and her mouth is more than full.

Gianna Dior in 'Lifeguard'

Gianna Dior - Lifeguard

Now well into a successful career and a stale relationship, a woman who used to spend her summers as a lifeguard takes a late night swim to clear her head. When a stranger from her building makes an offhand comment about what a dream she must have been to all the boys like him back then, she picks up a whistle to show him.

Violet Starr in 'Getting Cozy'

Violet Starr - Getting Cozy

Violet is happily married to a workaholic. He provides her with everything she needs - lingerie, free time, a beautiful house - and he's always busy, which makes him easy to screw around on.

Freya Parker in 'Invisible'

Freya Parker - Invisible

Freya uses feminine wile to compete with the game for her man's attention.

Jazlyn Ray in 'Personal Assistant'

Jazlyn Ray - Personal Assistant

Jazlyn would be addicted if she saw what her friend sucked right in her office. Jazlyn's obsession leads her to a job interview, where she'll do anything to get her hands on the benefit package.

Mila Monet in 'Big Fans'

Mila Monet - Big Fans

Fan girls Mila and Nicole are meeting their favourite celebrity tonight, and it's not some bogus movie star or rapper who talks a big game. These ladies are squealing in excitement because the guy they're going to meet is the real-deal and things are going to get hardcore.

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Diamond Banks in 'Movie Night'

Diamond Banks - Movie Night

Diamond doesn't want to hang out with her friend's boyfriend, but she insisted they try to get along. They've been keeping each other at arm's length, because if they ever let things thaw they know they won't be able to keep their hands off each other. But what her friend doesn't know won't hurt her, so Diamond is going to help herself to some forbidden fruit.

Jamie Michelle in 'For Your Eyes'

Jamie Michelle - For Your Eyes

Stunning and stylish, Jamie knows how to turn heads. That's how she found a man who is willing to share and a bull who will settle for nothing less than her lithe, sexy body. But since Jamie is generous, she's getting dolled up for her date and sending video to her husband.

Nicole Doshi in 'Sweet Temptation'

Nicole Doshi - Sweet Temptation

Nicole is staying with a friend who keeps bragging about her hung, energetic boyfriend. But she's tempting fate because once Nicole gets an eyeful, she has to get a mouthful too.

Alexia Anders in 'Throat'

Alexia Anders - Throat

Alexia Anders plays a singer who is dropped last-minute in the care of her liaison's boyfriend. No one expected that she would recognize his tattoo.

Vic Marie in 'All Yours'

Vic Marie - All Yours

Can you hear it? That gushing, squishing sound a girl like Vic makes when she's about to sleep with another man? If you can't hear it, you'll definitely see the results when she takes it deep in hi-def.

Savannah Sixx in 'Nice Try'

Savannah Sixx - Nice Try

Savannah comes from privilege, and one of the perks is getting people to do whatever she wants. And what this luscious Latina wants most is to lay her business associate down and get a lick on his love pump.

Blake Blossom in 'Party Of Three'

Blake Blossom - Party Of Three

How do threesomes happen? For some people, they take planning; for others… they just happen. Madi needs action when she runs into her friend Blake, who likes girls as much as she likes sharing them with her man where anyone might see.

Lily Larimar in 'Crushin 2'

Lily Larimar - Crushin 2

Art student Lily has landed a dream job as an assistant to a photographer with an erotic eye. Left to her own devices in the darkroom, Lily finds herself drawn to her boss' passion project and decides she wants to see the subjects in the flesh. But for Lily, seeing isn't enough

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Jazmin Luv in 'Guest Services'

Jazmin Luv - Guest Services

A wealthy man's fiance checks into the penthouse suite of an exclusive hotel before the wedding. The hotel employee assigned to her room patiently meets her every demand.

Cadence Lux in 'Late Night Plans'

Cadence Lux - Late Night Plans

Pretty blonde career girl Cadence is hard at work

Skye Blue in 'Centerpiece'

Skye Blue - Centerpiece

Away at a conference, blonde-haired, blue-eyed Skye needs to relax before her big presentation. There, she meets Alina and her boyfriend, who get off on PDAs and seducing engaged women. Skye might hate public speaking, but she is more than a little turned-on by public stroking.

Gabbie Carter in 'The Dutiful Wife'

Gabbie Carter - The Dutiful Wife

Gabbie is so over her husband… and now that the will has been finalized and the house is all hers, she's looking for a way to keep his side of the bed warm. He might not like how fast Gabbie is moving on or who she chose to take his place, but that's her prerogative, and after three sexless years she's hard up for a serious seeing-to.

Kenzie Reeves in 'Occupied'

Kenzie Reeves - Occupied

Kenzie and her sidepiece have a system for keeping their fling going in plain sight.

Azul Hermosa in 'Luscious'

Azul Hermosa - Luscious

It's a struggle to get a woman like Azul's attention. When she isn't out with another guy, she's making time for friends. But since her bestie ditched her and she's all dressed up with no place to go, this sexpot just might make time for a man who's up for a challenge.

Sera Ryder in 'Interested'

Sera Ryder - Interested

How easily can a hot young woman get laid? Sexy Sera barely has to try. A trip to the gas station in sneakers and jeans is all it takes to have men hovering around her orbit, and if they're bold enough she might just let them throw her into bed.

Gianna Dior in 'Hooked'

Gianna Dior - Hooked

For all the money and the fame, Gianna's favourite part of being an influencer is all the thirsty desperation she inspires in her male fans. She loves their pathetic pickup lines and ignorable dick pics. But then someone sends Gianna some DMs that get her obsessing, and the haughty armour she wears crumbles.

Amy Ried @
Savannah Bond in 'Whatever She Wants'

Savannah Bond - Whatever She Wants

Guest director Bloom tells a story of a husband who allows whatever she wants, even if her desire is another man.

Gia Derza in 'Every Inch'

Gia Derza - Every Inch

Gia loves to dress up and be seen about town, but for the right take-charge man, she'll gladly strip it all off if that's what he wants. Whether dolled up in a microskirt or stark naked, Gia knows how to put on a captivating show.

Liz Jordan in 'Home Office'

Liz Jordan - Home Office

Liz and her coworker are a regular dream team… except he won't open up about anything. Curiosity gets the better of Liz, and she finds a lot more than she bargained for when snooping his phone. Liz gets an eyeful… now she wants a mouthful, too.

Allie Nicole in 'Take A Dip'

Allie Nicole - Take A Dip

Two beautiful blondes, two little black dresses, two pairs of luscious lips drawn to each other. Plus a room back at the hotel big enough for four. Tonight is about more than girl-on-girl

Blake Blossom in 'Party Hard'

Blake Blossom - Party Hard

All this and brains too

Jazmin Luv in 'Let's All Be Friends'

Jazmin Luv - Let's All Be Friends

Sorority sisters Jazmin and Anna-Claire are a long way from campus and they're finding out the best parties happen downtown. These blondes believe a good time involves little black dresses and handsome hookups. They have a hot prospect for a threesome lined up, and he's about to hit the jackpot.

Kenzie Reeves in 'Pipe Dream 2'

Kenzie Reeves - Pipe Dream 2

Have you ever had a dream where you did something you would never do in your waking life? Petite blonde Kenzie has. In dreamland, Kenzie doesn't have to act so sweet and innocent

Carmen Caliente in 'Soaking'

Carmen Caliente - Soaking

Curvy Carmen's looking delectable in her little black dress, but she's probably just going to call it a night. Yeah, that's what she'll do. Unless an opportunity for adventure comes along in the hot tub…

Amy Ried @
Syren Demer in 'Overnight'

Syren Demer - Overnight

Away from her husband on business, Syren's heading to bed early tonight. She is taking someone with her, but nobody will ever know she cheated if she takes the back stairs.

Sia Lust in 'Just For You'

Sia Lust - Just For You

What do today's up-and-coming career women really get up to when they're away at conferences? When Sia's boyfriend calls to find out, she's exhausted and ready for bed. But if he wants to know so bad, Sia made some video of the oral presentation she delivered.

Jessie Saint in 'Golf Lessons'

Jessie Saint - Golf Lessons

Brilliant and beautiful doesn't add up to much on the golf course. Jessie and Lacey need to keep up with the businessmen in their circle, so Lacey suggests they hire an instructor who can help them find their form.

Lulu Chu in 'Muse 2 Showcase'

Lulu Chu - Muse 2 Showcase

As Jessie leads the charge on the celebration of Lulu's presentation, a damper mood settles over the group with the discussion of Maitland's scandal, Lena's quiet crisis, and Avery's further unraveling relationship with Ivy. Behind closed doors, Manuel tries to calm Maitland down as she finally names her frustration with the pedestal she's been placed on but the unspoken problem between them forces its way through again. By the end of the night, Lena finds connection in an unlikely place and Lulu is out for blood.

Charlotte Sins in 'Down to party'

Charlotte Sins - Down to party

Charlotte and Eliza have never looked hotter, so they don't want this night to be a total waste. But Eliza has a friend with a big benefit that Charlotte might like. If Eliza tells Charlotte exactly what she wants to hear, she might be able to convince her friend to try a threesome.

Emily Willis in 'Influence 2 Showcase'

Emily Willis - Influence 2 Showcase

After her tryst with Manuel, Emily realizes something

Aria Banks in 'In View'

Aria Banks - In View

Influencer Aria thought it might be a boring night, but her neighbors at the hotel took notice of her blonde hair and sexy booty and now she has a gentleman caller. He'll discover why Aria is so popular when he helps her film a dance video, and their other footage is guaranteed to go viral.

Kayley Gunner in 'Pipe Dream'

Kayley Gunner - Pipe Dream

Women might do things in dreams they would never even admit to wanting in real life. When Kayley spots the man of her fantasies, it's like she's entranced

Amy Ried @
Marica Hase in 'Bewitching'

Marica Hase - Bewitching

Friction makes heat, but so does Marica when she puts on a red dress. Cute and sweet one moment and a relentless tease the next, Marica makes it impossible not to want to see what else she's wearing for the occasion.

Chloe Cherry in 'Loving It'

Chloe Cherry - Loving It

Chloe is hoping to get laid on this date… why else would she wear a sexy red top and her most revealing skirt? But will her companion for this evening come up short, or is he equipped with everything this blonde spinner needs?

Sophia West in 'Get In'

Sophia West - Get In

When your friend's mom is a busty blonde temptress, how do you resist? Sophia wants a soak in the hot tub after a long night, but she also wants a younger, longer, thicker man than she's used to. Anton might have some explaining to do, but at the moment his motto is 'fuck now, figure it out later.'

Texas Patti in 'Take A Ride'

Texas Patti - Take A Ride

Texas is out for a wander in her little black dress, hoping she might have a reason to be all dolled up. Eventually a message arrives from her secret lover - the one she meets on the down-low. But this time, he has a sensational surprise in store to get her all charged up for him.

Jane Rogers in 'Defining Moment'

Jane Rogers - Defining Moment

It's magic time

Kali Roses in 'Firestarter'

Kali Roses - Firestarter

Kali's not leaving this party alone, so she's sending out signals. She'll rub her tight petite body up against whoever she likes most until the sparks start to fly, and afterwards… that's when the real fireworks begin.

Elsa Jean in 'Party Time'

Elsa Jean - Party Time

Make way for the blondetourage

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Violet Myers in 'Nothing To Lose'

Violet Myers - Nothing To Lose

Should she or shouldn't she? Violet doesn't normally go home with strangers, but her dance card is empty, his place is so close, and his dick is so big she doesn't know if she can handle it. But she wants to find out…

Emma Hix in 'Shaken'

Emma Hix - Shaken

You've heard of happy finishes, but what about masseuses who can't keep their hands from roaming around? Emma is entranced by what her client is packing, and no professional boundaries or other prior promises will stop this blonde beauty from kneading that big muscle in front of her.

Katie Kush in 'Not Ready For This'

Katie Kush - Not Ready For This

Katie and Kylie are looking killer, getting naughty, and calling whoever has the goods to keep them company. These girlfriends like to tease and double-team their guys, and tonight one lucky guy gets a two-for-one special.

Nikki Sweet in 'Sweet Opportunity'

Nikki Sweet - Sweet Opportunity

Blue-eyed blonde-haired Nikki is tired of her boyfriend not being ready on time. She's all dressed up to show him the night of his life in bed, but after she took all that time he's keeping her waiting. Fed up and out of patience, Nikki decides to fuck the next guy that comes along.

Jordan Maxx in 'Secrets'

Jordan Maxx - Secrets

Girlfriends know things about each other that women would never tell their husbands. Jordan is married, but this blonde beauty couldn't help telling her best friend about the new man in her life and their secret rendezvous. In fact, she wanted to brag about him so much that she made a video…

Nala Brooks in 'Come Here Daddy'

Nala Brooks - Come Here Daddy

Pale-skinned redheaded Nala tastes hotter than ginger, but only for certain guys. She has a steady man she feeds the old stale lines, but as soon as she hangs up the phone she lets her 'daddy' in on her spiciest secrets.

Vicki Chase in 'Two Piece'

Vicki Chase - Two Piece

BLACKED RAW has a new rookie onboard but if he's going to prove he has what it takes he'll have to run a gauntlet first. We're hooking Anton up with the luscious duo Avery and Vicki for some double trouble, so let's see how he handles two supercharged sexpots at once.

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Emily Willis in 'Double Play'

Emily Willis - Double Play

That gorgeous girl on the street, hanging out in her miniskirt? Don't bother. She's on her way to a party for three, and Emily is the guest of honour.

Rachel Rivers in 'On My Way'

Rachel Rivers - On My Way

Another average night in the city and Rachel has butterflies about meeting her date for her very first online hookup. How far do shy girls go when they finally let loose?

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