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Alexa Payne in 'Is A BBC Feen'

Alexa Payne - Is A BBC Feen

Alexa Payne Is in need of some BBC Steele. Lexington Steele shows Alexa his BBC knows how to please her sexual appetite.

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Alexa Payne in 'Dickmorphia'

Alexa Payne - Dickmorphia

Barbie Feels is not impressed with her boyfriend, Keiran Lee's dick size. She's a cruel mistress-like woman who uses him to buy her things and clean up after her. When her best friend Alexa Payne comes to visit and gets a glimpse of Keiran's "small dick" she is happy to show him that not only is his dick above average, she has a hard time taking it all in.

Alexa Payne in 'ALEXA PAYNE Deepthroat, Squirting Fuck'

Alexa Payne - ALEXA PAYNE Deepthroat, Squirting Fuck

Dark-haired heartstopper Alexa Payne slinks on the white vinyl couch in strappy, violet lingerie. She strips off her bra to expose her tits, and she massages her shaved snatch. Raising her clear heels, Alexa masturbates her wet clit. Bald, macho Zac Wild fucks her lush-lipped mouth. He fucks Alexa's wet pussy with rhythmic passion. And he fingers her slit aggressively, till Alexa ejaculates a fountain of girl squirt that soaks the furniture! Zac fills Alexa's mouth with cock, and she accommodates him with a deepthroat blowjob. They fornicate in several fun positions. Alexa floods the sofa with more pussy juice as Zac pumps out a load of his own. Her girl cum and his semen commingle into a pervy puddle. Alexa sprays director Pat Myne's POV camera lens, and he instructs the lewd vixen to lick it clean. She does!

Alexa Payne in 'Alexa Can I See Your Pussy - S21:E7'

Alexa Payne - Alexa Can I See Your Pussy - S21:E7

Jay Romero wants his digital device to help him find his remote but when he calls out his stepmom Alexa Payne thinks he's talking to her. Alexa offers to help Jay look for the remote. She flashes plenty of T&A before finding that Jay was sitting on it the whole time.Since it worked to get his stepmom to find the remote, he asks Alexa to get him a drink. Alexa plays along at first, although she pushes back a bit when Jay asks to see her tits. When she decides that sure she'll play his game, she pops those big ones out and then agrees to let him see and touch her pussy. Unwilling to stop now, Alexa agrees to suck Jay's dick.As soon as Alexa gets to her feet and slides her panties off her big booty, Jay knows he's made it. His stepmilf sinks down onto his dick and rides him in reverse cowgirl as those giant jugs bounce. Turning around, Alexa goes for a cowgirl ride before getting on her knees for a doggy style pussy pounding. When Alexa rolls onto her back, she splays out so Jay can bring her off and then pull out to cover her in cum. Jay's last command to Alexa is that she not tell his father!

Alexa Payne in 'Bartender Backs Dat Ass Up'

Alexa Payne - Bartender Backs Dat Ass Up

Alexa Payne has a round, juicy ass that he coworkers and clients cannot ignore. Working at a house in a cute little uniform, Alexa knows that everyone is dying to get a glimpse at the amazing booty hidden under her thin fabric. Service comes with a smile and lots of bending over to make this boring party a little bit more fun! Nothing like a little sneaky sex and fucking just hidden out of sight, under everyone's noses, as she and Zac Wild blow off a little steam. Work hard, ride harder…

Alexa Payne in 'Sneaky Car Dealership Threesome'

Alexa Payne - Sneaky Car Dealership Threesome

Alexa Payne and Emma Magnolia are working their boring car dealership jobs. To pass the time, the two curvy goddesses usually sneak into a back of a used car to hook up. However, today their sleazy manager tells the saleswomen to get out there and sell some cars! Alex Legend and his girlfriend are looking for a used car, and competitive Alexa and Emma are more than happy to assist. Alex gets more than he bargained for when he finds himself in the back of an SUV with gorgeous Alexa and Emma worshiping his hard cock!

Alexa Payne in 'Fucking the Pool Boy'

Alexa Payne - Fucking the Pool Boy

Alexa Payne was tanning at the pool when the pool boy Jay Bangher arrived to clean the pool. She asked him to rub some oil on her body. The construction noise from the neighbors was too loud and Alexa decided to give up the pool and take a shower. While she was in the shower Jay decided to take a peek through the window. Wow, she had an amazing body. Tits and ass, all a man could wish for. All of a sudden he heard her scream! She spotted him and demanded he should come inside. As a punishment for his spying he was supposed to now wash her. Poor Jay stepped fully dressed into the shower and started who soap her back, ass, tits and pussy. She demanded to see his dick. It was really big. She sucked and deep throated it. Then they fucked. They fucked in missionary, doggy, riding and all the other positions until Jay s**t his sperm into her face.

GI Joey in 'Busty Babe Gets Fucked on The Bus'

GI Joey - Busty Babe Gets Fucked on The Bus

This chick was walking alone in the rain and BangBros as the gentlemen we are decide to help her out. We cant let a damsel just walk in the rain to just get wet with no dick like thats unfathomable its blasphemy so we pick her up and take her for a ride with the sturdy GI Joey taking the wheel Alexa has quite the time getting fucked and getting paid.

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Alexa Payne in 'gets locked out of her apartment and her friend's husband is there to save the day'

Alexa Payne - My Wife's Hot Friend

Alexa Payne got locked out but she is so used to it already that she gave her friend a key to the house if it ever happened again. Unfortunately her friend is at work so she sends her husband James to help her out. James has always had the hots for Alexa and now its the perfect time to get her horny and naked. She fine giving him a naughty 'thank you' as long as it stays between the two of them.

Alexa Payne in 'can't resist her son's friend's big cock'

Alexa Payne - My Friend's Hot Mom

Alexa Payne is trying to decide what lingerie to wear for her vacation and gets some advice from Apollo, her son's friend. She doesn't want to get completely naked in front of Apollo, unless he's willing to get naked himself. Doing what he's told he whips out his huge cock and Alexa can't resist the size and has to have in her mouth. Let's hope her son doesn't find out that she just fucked his good friend.

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