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...Do you want to see some squirting? If you answered, "no," first of all, shame on you. Second of all, skip this video - this is for WET PUSSY FANS ONLY! Cytherea - the squirting legend that began the hype back in the day - emerges from her hiatus to show all the squirt newbies how it's done. Mick Blue should have brought a rain coat because this shit is ridiculous! Cytherea demonstrates her blowjob skills too but this scene is all about the pussy pounding that results in so much FUCKING juice, you'll have to hold your breath. Her tits are bigger than they used to be but her pussy is still perfect and aching to drench anything in the room. Cytherea not only squirts like a geyser but her entire body convulses and shakes every time she cums. It's hard to keep up but Mick does manage to squirt his fair share of goo - all over Cytherea's face. ...Read More

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Jules Jordan

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Cytherea - Tugjobs

15th October - The legend herself is back! Cytherea is here for your enjoyment! She has still got it after all these years in the business. She is just dick crazy! She absolutely loves cock and all she wants to do is get that cum out.. She tugged on my boy and after showing off her professional handjob skills he blew a load all over her tits, and she loved it! I love this girl! ...Read More
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16th April - Cytherea's husband wants her to squirt, even though she's grossed out by the idea. Ever willing to please, however, she hires squirting guru Felony to walk, lick, and fuck her through the steaming hot process until both are soaking wet and satisfied. ...Read More
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26th February - Jordi is over at his friend's house playing video games and they've woken up his friend's mom, Cytherea. Jordi crashes on the couch and begins to fantasize about Cytherea and the huge tits she was hiding underneath her robe. When Cytherea pulls off the blanket and sees that Jordi's cock is rock hard, she decides to help him with his erection! ...Read More
Jules Jordan

TS Foxxy - TS Foxxy gives Cytherea squirting orgasms that are out of this world

TS Foxxy - TS Foxxy gives Cytherea squirting orgasms that are out of this world

17th June - Trans Trek Bundle Includes Deep space has never looked so good. These gorgeous, latex-clad TS ladies will take you where no man has gone before in this sci-fi space Halloween special. ...Read More
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22nd March - Cytherea is the best cat burglar in the business, and this time, the sneaky slut has set her sights on some precious jewels from a local mansion. But when fellow thief Johnny Sins shows up with the same idea, things get a little complicated. Cytherea distracts him with her tits, and then ties him up to leave for the cops. But thinking quick, Johnny offers her a taste of his fat cock to distract her, knowing full well that a horny slut like Cytherea can't pass up the chance to get her hands on some truly precious merchandise. She sucks Johnny's big dick until her pussy is dripping wet, and then unties him so that he can fuck that pussy right. But now that Johnny is untied, who will escape with the jewels, and who will be left behind for the cops? ...Read More
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23rd January - Johnny is doing a favor for his wife's friend Cytherea and doing some landscaping work in her back yard, and when she goes outside to check on him, he's nearly finished. She's so happy and grateful for what he's done, she offers her shower to him when he tells her that his is currently not working. But she has one caveat: he's got to shower with her! Johnny finishes up with one job and prepares for the next -- big tits and all! ...Read More