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Cuban beauty Selena Santana is so horny in this scene she can barely keep her clothes on. She twerks for the camera in her patent leather jacket, black stockings and leopard print thong as she waits to find out who's cock she gets to slay today and it's.... MANDINGO! Selena isn't scared of a challenge and shows she can handle the largest cock on the planet with ease. She takes that cock deep inside her pussy like the pro she is then drains his monster cock into her mouth.

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Jules Jordan

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10th March - Sexy minx Selena Santana tangles with Manuel Ferrara in the first installment of 'Latin Asses'! Showing off her sexy body, Selena gets the fire started and she is eager to prove that she's a match for the legendary Manuel. ...Read More
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25th October - THERE'S NOTHING BETTER THAN PILEDRIVING YOUR HOT MAID RIGHT AFTER SHE'S CLEANED YOUR HOUSE. This time around i got this smoking hot latina maid, one of the hottest girls I've ever seen. I couldn't wait to have her bouncing on my fucking cock. First, I offered her a few bucks to clean in her underwear. From there it got easier, she was already almost naked, so just by flashing some cash I got this chick completely naked. Got her to clean my house in the nude, LIKE A BOSS!! Soon all I had to do was pull out the flesh snake. This chick was down to fuck, seconds after whipping out my dick she was gargling it down her throat. I pounded her phat pussy all over my living room making a mess for her clean up again. THIS MAID SURE KNOWS HOW TO CLEAN BOOIIII!!! ...Read More
Jules Jordan

Selena Santana - Selena Santana brings all the boys to the bus

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19th October - Selena Santana finds herself in Miami riding around on the Bang Bus looking for a good cock to fuck. Selena is in the mood to fuck and we're going to do our best to get Selena the cock she so desperately craves. We come across lucky contestant number one  sitting all alone. His suspicion of winning the pussy lottery kept him limp. All he gets is an autograph and a memory for his troubles. Your brush with greatness is over kid. Lucky stud number two, thank god, proves himself to be everything Selena dreamed about. He's got a big cock that she can deepthroat. His stamina is impeccable while fucking the shit out of Selena's tight pussy. He rams his dick down her throat without the slightest signs of slowing down. Selena was so happy to finally get that dick and get it right. ...Read More
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2nd December - Sophia has been cleaning homes for almost her whole life. Shes been trying to save and pay for classes. Its not the most glorious job, but when you need money it helps you get by. During the summer, business got slow. Sophia overslept and was late to her client Ms. Santanas home. She was sitting on the couch when she walked in, and quite furious too. She basically told Sophia she was fired and to get the fuck out. Just as Sophia was out the door, Ms. Santana called her back. She knew how desperately she needed the money, so she decided to fuck with her. She asked if she was willing to get naked. Sophia was in shock, but really had no other choice. Ms. Santana patrolled her as she did her chores naked. She eventually started fingering herself in front of Sophia, and lured her into the bedroom. From there Ms. Santana fucked Sophias throat and pussy with her bright pink dildo. They then continued taking turns on each others sweet vaginas until their luscious juices flowed freely all over each other. Looks like a job well done. ...Read More
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10th January - Former contract star Selena Santana is one sexy piece of beautiful Latina ass. Just look at her! Selena oozes sexualtiy, and she's a black cuck slut. She desires size, so who better to team Selena up with than the legend -- Mandingo. After stuffing her mouth full of black dick, "Dingo" proceeds to wreck her tiny cunt with his 14 inch slab of meat. How this petite tart takes it all is beyond me! Dingo unloads his nuts all over her face and chest before leaving her for someone's sloppy seconds...but you know the way this goes. Once any woman experiences a true BBC, there's nothing left to satisfy them! ...Read More