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Kacey Jordan Enjoying Her 1st Big Black Cock. A cute, slim blonde gets her first taste of big black cock and this day is one she'll not soon forget. Kacey seems lost in her contemplation of her cunt but when Prince Yahshua shows up her focus sharpens. Stuffed to the brim with dick, Kacey is soon lost in her raging orgasms. Not to be missed by fans of interracial fucking.

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Jules Jordan

Kacey Jordan - Sneak In Fuck

Kacey Jordan - Teens Like It Big

13th May - Kacey's dad was sleeping so she told her boyfriend to sneak around back and come in. He thought the plan was nuts but when it worked and he was led to Kacey's room, he just had to tell her that his cock was very huge and she would be intimidated by it. Well he was right about the intimidation, but that didn't last long...She was all over that dick like she had never seen one... ...Read More
Kacey Jordan - Kacey The Cutest!

Kacey Jordan - Teens Like It Big

9th March - While taking a shower and getting dressed, cutie Kacey is being spied upon by the neighbor across the way! She finally spots her peeping tom and invites him over for a closer look at her sexy little hot body! ...Read More
Kacey Jordan - Blonde Beach Brats Get Blasted

Kacey Jordan - Teens Like It Big

1st September - Kacey and Kara are having a good time oiling themselves up at the nude beach. They don't realize that JT is watching them rub and lick their young bodies nearby. JT decides that he needs a piece of these two girls and covers himself in sand, pretending to be trapped. When the girls run to help him, he knows he has them. They dig out his cock and decide to clean the sand from it. ...Read More
Jules Jordan

Kacey Jordan - Kacey Jordon and receiving end kind of guy

Kacey Jordan - Can He Score

22nd October - This week on CHS. I have a very interesting specimen. Her name is Kacey Jordan and she likes to fuck guys in the ass with a strap on. I know thats weird right?! She's from Oregon (she called it the Boring State) and she got into porn three years ago. So she's already a veteran in the industry. That's why we had to get her on the show, because we had the right guy for her. His name is Rick and he's an MMA fighter from Miami, who's looking for love and the right kind of girl to be just the right amount of kinky for him (hint: Kacey better strap it on again.) So we put them out there, took them Jet Skiing (almost lost a camera in the process), then we took them to a great lunch so that they can have time to get to know each other. Because in the end we need to know one thing. CAN HE SCORE?! ...Read More
Madison Ivy - Great Moments in Threesome History pt.1

Madison Ivy - Teens Like It Big

15th July - Today boys and girls we salute our boy Ramon for what has been considered one of the greatest threesome hookup plans of all time. Who would've thought stuffing your cock in a bucket of popcorn would have two freaks wide open like a 7/11! See how these girls act when they find his big dick as a sur ...Read More
Kacey Jordan - Dick for two

Kacey Jordan - Milf Hunter

2nd May - Cory has not been getting along with her step daughter Kacey lately. She asked her husband for some advice before he went to work and he suggested she take her out for a girls day out. While she was talking outside , Kacey's man Bruce was hiding in the bushes checking her out with his camera lusting over her. Corey went back inside to see if she could get Kacey to go out with her. She was on the phone with bruce the whole time and flat out said no to her. Cory took off to run some errands and thats when Bruce came right in to fuck Kacey. They were not going at it for long before Cory returned unexpectedly to see them fucking right in the living room. She hid behind a corner and checked them out while she started playing with herself. This hot ass MILF Cory then barged in on them and proposed she suck and fuck Bruce while Kacey ate her pussy or she would tell her dad on her. Bruce was all about it but Kacey was a little hesitant. It did not matter cause Cory was too busy getting her way. Dont miss this smoking hot MILF show her step daughter and boyfriend what a real pro can do in the sack. ...Read More